To expose the mind, body, and soul of those, who live healthy and successful lives. 
Our brand represents the everyday struggles and accomplishments that lead people to become humble and successful.



HumbleGainz is a true “lifestyle” brand. We don’t just represent the guys and girls who are in the gym kicking ass.  It's not all about looks! We want to show the world how important it is to live an overall healthy lifestyle. We realize that most generations see fit people and understand that they obviously work hard in the gym, but what we don't see often is what else they do productively including the struggles and accomplishments that don’t involve fitness. It is this drive that allows them to perform in any area of life's battles. Being well trained in all aspects of life, and showcasing this worldwide culture is what this brand represents.  


New York is a giant playground of adversity for people like Tyler and Shane. They are fascinated by the constant movement, the struggles, the successes, the families and cultures. The pair grew up on long island, new york. Tyler is a creative and articulate minded young man whom which his family refers to as the backbone of the group. He was high school state wrestling champion as well as all American multiple times and a division one college wrestler. Tyler's life began as a quiet success story of humble beginnings that pushed him to overcome harsh failures and rock bottoms.
Shane, a quiet kid growing up as the youngest boy of the siblings, decided to go right into the military out of high school after seeing the ups and downs of his family and friends. Scoring high on all of his tests, Shane easily could have been behind a computer pushing buttons and calculating numbers yet he jumped on a list to become a frontline infantryman eventually going overseas as a combat veteran. 
Growing up as kids Tyler and Shane were faced with financial hardships living in a brash demographic. However, they’ve always been fascinated by different fashion trends and unique personalities wearing them. This is what pushed them to formulate their own style of apparel using whatever clothes were handed down to them. To them, style incorporates the mind, body, and soul. HumbleGainz is more than just an apparel company, it’s a lifestyle brand that represents all the go-getters in this world who work hard to obtain their successes in humble fashion.